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What is Headlight Restoration?

As you may know, the headlights of most cars comprise of plastic, more specifically polycarbonate plastic. This material adds a lot of durability to the headlights and makes it less susceptible to scratches. However, there is a problem. As time goes by, the polycarbonate material tends to become quite cloudy. You will also notice that they become yellow. Why does this happen? Well, the reason is quite simple. 

It happens because ultraviolet rays can cause a lot of degradation on the outer surface of the headlight. If your car’s headlights are facing a similar problem, do not worry as there is a thing known as headlight restoration. 

Replacing Headlight Covers Can be Pricey

You might be surprised to find out that replacing a car’s headlight assembly can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. OEM headlights, halogen bulbs, and high intensity xenons are especially quite pricey to replace. In addition, there is also an expense for LED bulbs, which do not come cheap either. You do not want to be spending thousands of dollars for replacing your headlights. Instead, choosing a pro for headlight restoration would be a wiser choice. Go for a professional mobile detailing service that has experience in headlight restoration. It will prove to be significantly cheaper than completely replacing a headlight cover. 

Good detailing services know their way around seemingly unfixable headlight problems. Their restoration methods ensure that your vehicle’s headlight is restored and free to go on the road without any troubles.

Driving with Cloudy Headlight Covers is Very Dangerous

There is no denying the dangers of driving your car with cloudy or hazy headlight covers. Many drivers believe that cloudiness in the covers does not require much attention and it occurs naturally. This could not be further from the truth. Accidents can happen if you are driving at night with cloudy headlight covers. Moreover, there are several factors that contribute towards a hazy cover. The environment and time definitely play their part in its deterioration.

Oxidation is a major reason behind the wearing away of the headlight cover. It eventually exposes the acrylic lenses. Other than that, water vapors and mud and chemical film splatter on the lights lens and deposit opaque layers, making it difficult for your vehicle’s headlights to throw light on the road. Also, the water droplets tend to scatter light and decrease visibility from the bulb, especially when you are driving at night. 


The Solution

Headlight restoration is a tedious and multi-step time-consuming process to do it properly. Don’t forget to apply headlight protectant to your headlight covers after restoring your headlights! It would be wise to choose a reputable auto detailing service to do this job as the detailers have the experience to perform world-class headlight restoration services, improving the life and performance of your car. 

Pikes Peak Auto Detail offers all the car detailing services to make your vehicle look like you just drove it off the lot. For more information on our mobile auto detailing services, please contact us!

Pikes Peak Auto Detail - Headlight Restoration
Pontiac Headlight Restoration Before.PNG
Pikes Peak Auto Detail - Headlight Restoration
Pikes Peak Auto Detail - Headlight Restoration
Ponitac Headlight Restoration After.PNG
Pontiac Headlights
Pikes Peak Auto Detail - Headlight Restoration (Before/After)
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