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Things to Check When Choosing a Detailer

Since there are plenty of auto detailing services available these days, making the final decision can sometimes be a hassle. You should always take your time when it comes to choosing a reputable mobile detailing service as they can make or break the look and functionality of your car. Although everyone has their unique requirements when it comes to the services they are looking for, there are a few things you can do to ensure that the auto detailer you have chosen is the perfect fit for your needs. 

Let us discuss some crucial points that you should consider before choosing a detailer.


Reading reviews online while maintaining your anonymity is a surefire way to find out the reputation of local mobile car detailing services or any auto detailing services for that matter. Customers tend to share their opinions online on numerous platforms allowing you to look up the pros and cons of any car detailing company you want.  

Product Quality

Top quality products are crucial for exterior car detailing. Some car detailers tend to ignore that and use inferior products that ultimately ruin your car’s look. Additionally, you should also take some time researching about car detailing products to learn what will suit your car’s interior and exterior most.


Searching for the cheapest car detailing service is normal; no one wants to pay a painfully high price to rejuvenate his or her cars. However, it is important to remember that significantly lower prices often reflect on the standard of work. Cheap products, inexperienced workers, cutting corners, missed spots, tardiness are just a few things that you should expect when you choose a suspiciously cheap auto detailing service.

Some services have a habit of giving their quote over the phone and changing their quote once they detail the car. This miscommunication leads to many problems, some of which are high pricing and distrust between the customer and the provider. 



One of the biggest qualities of auto detailers is their ability to stand by their words for ensuring the complete satisfaction of their customers. However, there are some instances where making guarantees isn’t possible. There are times when scratches are removable, and others when it's impossible to remove them. Let your auto detailer take a comprehensive look at your car’s interior and exterior before you decide to hand over your car. Blind guarantees are a surefire way to figure out whether an auto detailing service is worth trusting or not. 

Follow these points before acquiring the services of an auto detailer. It will ensure that your vehicle is in good hands.

Pikes Peak Auto Detail offers all the car detailing services to make your vehicle look like you just drove it off the lot. For more information on our mobile auto detailing services, please contact us!

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