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Instructions for booking your appointment online:

1. Below "Select one or more services", click the checkbox on the right

2. A drop-down box will appear - select your desired service

3. Scroll down and click the blue "continue" button on the right

4. Select "Your Location, We'll come to you"

5. Select an available date/time of appointment from the calendar

6. Under "Appointment Notes" please include the make/model of your vehicle

CANCELLATION POLICY: We require a 72-hour notice to cancel or reschedule any booking. Failure to do so will result in a $50 rescheduling/cancellation fee. We are a small business, we plan our schedule to come meet you for your service. Short notice cancellations do not allow enough time to fulfill the availability, causing a further loss for our business.

WINTER SEASON: For the safety of our team and chemicals/water freezing, we will reschedule due to freezing temps, snow or rain forecast. Consider bringing your vehicle to our detail studio if this is a concern. We appreciate your understanding.


NOTE: PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL AFTER YOUR BOOKING REQUEST TO SIGN OUR TERMS OF SERVICE. Appointment requests outside of our service area will be declined. Refer to FAQ if needed.

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