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Benefits of Steam Cleaning

Cleaning the interior portion of your car is just as important as cleaning its exterior. Internal is an extremely important part to ensure preventative maintenance. Unclean air vents spread various allergens along with dust in the cabin through several ways. Dirty mirrors and filmy windows could prevent a driver from viewing the road clearly. Grime and grit can easily stick inside switches and buttons, which could also potentially cause them to stop working. 

You might be wondering whether there is any method to clean all of this. Well, the answer is yes-and that method is steam cleaning. It is perhaps the most renowned method for properly cleaning the interior as well as the exterior of a car. It has gathered a lot of attention, especially from professional auto detailers, who utilize steam cleaning to make a car look as good as new. 

The Innovation behind Steam Cleaning

You might not be aware of this, but steam cleaning has proven to be a revolutionary system that has bought a massive change to the car wash industry all over the world. Several factors contributed to its increase in use. Some of those factors are:

  • The tendency of high pressure water sprayers getting moisture inside sensitive automobile electronics

  • Restrictions in water use

  • The ban on several harsh yet effective chemicals

  • Reduction of time and effort required

Quite a lot of mobile auto detailers use steam cleaning for degreasing engines, disinfecting, heating vents/air conditioning, cleaning interiors, and in some cases, washing entire cars. Those who value their vehicle enjoy keeping it clean at all times, and what better than steam cleaning to keep their car tidy from the inside and out. Just as the name implies, detailing is essentially meticulous cleaning. It goes way beyond just picking up emptying ashtrays and picking up wrappers. 

Steam cleaning has quite a lot of benefits. Let us discuss some of them:

Benefits of Interior Steam Cleaning:

  • It keeps the surface dry immediately after the cleaning process is complete

  • Dashboards, armrests, cup holders, ashtrays, vents, and other hard to reach areas can be sanitized and disinfected

  • Removes odors from mildews, mold, smoking, and pet stains

  • It is a great way for freshening fabrics and deep cleaning

  • Steam cleaning kills 99% of viruses, bacteria and allergens

  • Removes extremely stubborn stains (soda, motor oil), spills, candy and more.

Benefits of Exterior Steam Cleaning:

  • Whitewalls, wheels, vinyl tops etc. are cleaned quickly and easily

  • Removes tar, wax, and various other compounds for bumpers, moldings, and chrome

  • Does not use streaking for cleaning windows 

  • Eliminates toxic residue from surfaces

  • Eradicates all kinds of dirt from a car’s exterior with no effort at all

Steam cleaning a car cleans all the dirt without causing harm to the paint and various other surfaces of the car. Mobile auto detailing services choose steam because it is a perfect choice for disinfecting and cleaning your vehicle, especially because high temperatures denature and kill dangerous microorganisms and bacteria. Because the steam is airborne, its heat kills viruses and bacteria quite easily.

Steam cleaning leaves vehicles smelling fresh. They become healthy and safe. It is an environmentally friendly option that does not use too many detergents, and neither wastes water. So, choose this option, as the benefits are endless. 

Pikes Peak Auto Detail offers all the car detailing services to make your vehicle look like you just drove it off the lot. For more information on our mobile auto detailing services, please contact us!

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