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Benefits of Carnauba Wax

Carnauba wax is extracted from the leaves of a palm tree known as carnauba. This North Brazilian tree exists in humid and hot climates. The wax is an important part of this tree’s leaves as they depend on it for survival. It acts as a protective layer that prevents UV rays, water, and heat from damaging the leaves. These useful traits are not only helpful for leaves but for our vehicles as well. 

In its original form, carnauba wax is flaxy, hard, and yellow. In order to obtain it, the carnauba tree’s leaves are dried and beaten. This palm tree is capable for producing more than sixty wax filled leaves. 

Carnauba Wax Properties

There are actually quite a lot of things that carnauba wax is famous for. Several industries take advantage of its beneficial properties. Let us look at some of Carnauba Wax’s impressive characteristics:

  • Hypoallergenic properties

  • Water resistant properties

  • Ultra violet rays protection

  • High melting temperatures

Carnauba Wax Uses in the Automotive Industry

Because Carnauba wax has a hard texture, several auto-detailing services use it with a mixture of oils and solvents to achieve a slightly softer form. Some of them also add petroleum distillates and beeswax. Car waxes that contain the most carnauba wax will be effective for your car. 

Once you apply it, the carnauba wax creates a thin layer over the car’s paint. The layer offers damage protection to the paint by acting as a shield. The wax also reduces friction between anything that comes between the car, which helps to prevent paint chips. In addition, it keeps your car as clean as possible since you are able to wash off bugs, dirt, and grime easily. 


Carnauba Wax Benefits for Cars

One of the biggest reasons why most car detailing services rely on carnauba wax is because of its positive impact on a car’s appearance. Applying it thoroughly makes the car’s color look clearer and deeper, giving it an impeccable shine. In addition, it also makes sure that the car’s look does not damage even during hot summer days. 

Carnauba wax is also resistant to ultraviolet rays, which protect vehicles from the sun, preventing discoloration and fading. Therefore, getting a mobile detailing service to apply a layer of this wax will save you money and the cost of repainting or polishing your car. The wax’s water resistant properties prevent a vehicle’s paint from water damage, contaminants, and pollutants. 

Final Verdict

Long story short, carnauba wax products are extremely effective for making your car look great all the time. Because it provides excellent protection from different climates, it is necessary for every car owner and enthusiast. The wax will give your car a glossy finish, you will see the clouds reflecting from your paint, making it look like you bought it fresh off a showroom.

Pikes Peak Auto Detail offers all the car detailing services to make your vehicle look like you just drove it off the lot. For more information on our mobile auto detailing services, please contact us!

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