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Bed Bugs/Pests/Rodents!

If you have recently been near bed bugs or have/had them in your home. PLEASE do NOT call an auto detail service! You need PEST CONTROL! We are NOT pest control! Just because we offer steam cleaning - does NOT mean that we are in any way, trained, qualified, licensed or certified to handle, treat, or diagnose bed bugs or any kind of pests! 

We will NOT work on vehicles with bed bugs, pests, rodents, mice/rats, or any kind of infestation! If bed bugs are found pictures and video evidence will be taken and shown to the owner of the vehicle. If you have bed bugs or any kind of infestation they WILL be found, they will start popping out of the seats when their lives are in danger! We will immediately STOP working on your vehicle and a $500 fee will be accessed for decontamination, sanitizing and/or replacement of tools, hoses, brushes, vacuum, shampoo machine, towels, aprons, clothes, hats and anything that had contact with the interior of the vehicle. If detailers bring home bed bugs or any infestation from the vehicle with photo and video evidence, the client will be billed the cost of pest control service for bed bug treatment for all parties performing services in the vehicle.


Most supplies used in the vehicle will be disposed at the job-site. Payment for services completed will be billed the end of service. Any future services must include documentation from a local pest control company stating the vehicle has been treated and cleared of bed bugs and/or any infestation. If your home has had bed bugs it’s possible your vehicle does too and we recommend a pest control inspection prior to an auto detail service.

We recommend a licensed professional such as High County Pest Control for any issues with pests. 

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