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Difference Between Auto Detailing and Car Wash

People often use the terms car wash and auto detailing interchangeably. Sure, they have a few things in common, but when you dig deeper, you’ll discover that there are major differences. If you’re confused between the two, don’t worry, you're not alone. 

By general definition, a car wash is a process in which a vehicle goes through a tunnel or track that has water, soap, and brushes for cleaning the vehicle. Once the car goes through the track or tunnel, it is dried up with the use of a large blow dryer and towel. The final result is a clean car at a reasonable price.

Problems with Automatic Car Wash

Although automatic car washes are serviceable when it comes to cleaning your car’s exterior, there are some problems that you should keep in mind before handing your vehicle to a mobile car wash service. Swirls and scratches are two common problems that most automatic car washes entail. The grime and dirt present on your car’s exterior can stick to the brushes present inside the car wash; this can cause the brush to scratch some paint off your car. 

Additionally, some workers forget or do not bother to replace the towels and brush, which can make matters worse for your car instead of improving it. Compromising quality over efficiency is a common theme in most car wash services, which is why it proves to be unfavorable to a large number of customers. 

What Do Auto Detailing Services Bring to The Table

As the word implies, detailing is more comprehensive in comparison to an auto car wash. It not only rejuvenates the car’s exterior, but it also focuses on the interior as well. A big difference between an auto car wash and detailing is that the exterior is hand washed to prevent scratches and swirls from brushes at an automatic car wash. A final application of a detail spray, shines and provides UV protection to the paint. Plastic parts inside your car are cleaned thoroughly with the use of multiple specialty interior detailing tools. After application, a soft microfiber towel is used for wiping it off. Auto detailing services also use a protectant on the interior objects of the car as it protects them from sun damage. 

The car detailing process concludes with the polishing of the panels and tire dressing. Mobile detailing services also give you the option of buffing your car. Which makes a huge impact on your car’s overall look as well as providing amazing protection from the harsh weather elements. Finally, the workers check the vehicles to ensure that your car is completely spotless.

Following are some other things that are present in auto detailing:

  • Headlight restoration

  • Waxing with professional grade buffer and high quality Carnauba wax

  • Steam Cleaning

  • Spot Cleaning

  • Excessive Stain Removal

  • Carpet Extraction

  • Console, Dashboard, Air Vent cleaning

Auto car detailing is a time consuming yet satisfactory service that gives your car’s interior and exterior a huge boost esthetically. Sure, it is slightly expensive than auto car wash, but the final results are worth the price.

Pikes Peak Auto Detail offers all the car detailing services to make your vehicle look like you just drove it off the lot. For more information on our mobile auto detailing services, please contact us!

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