Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

We promise to make every effort to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We want to assure you that we will make every effort to resolve any issue to your complete satisfaction. Please note that if we miss anything or fell short somewhere it is NOT intentional. Our packages have many services to do and we work continuously non-stop from the moment we arrive. Every client has the opportunity at the end of the detail to check our work.


Depending on the size and condition of the vehicle sometimes there are certain areas in the vehicle that require more attention and time than others. If we fell short somewhere, we assure you this is NOT a common issue and NOT intentional but we are human and if we missed anything we apologize for any inconvenience and we will resolve any issue guaranteed.  We can assure you that there will be certain spots or areas in your vehicle that you did not know were there that we took care of. We try our very best to cover every inch of the vehicle, according to your package. We enjoy our work and we like to take pride in our work and take pictures of our results. 


If ANY issue or concern arrises, we will make every effort to resolve any issue to your complete satisfaction. We are grateful for your business and the opportunity. We have many satisfied customers, stellar reviews and regular clients. We are a local business and want to be a part of this community for the long term. Even after we leave the job, you will always have an open line of communication with us - email, call or text 24 hours a day. Once the appointment ends, we do not forget about our clients. We are always available to stop by if need be, we are always working around town. We promise to get back to you in most cases within the hour or within a few hours at the latest during business hours.


Our clients will always have our 100% prompt attention. We are never too busy to get back to a client for any issue. There is never any reason for a negative attitude/comments or false assumptions, there is no need make it difficult. In fact it could have the opposite result. Any such negative behavior may result in seizing all communication. Mutual respect, civility and professionalism goes a long way.  Just give us the chance to make it right, we want you to be satisfied just like our many other clients, just look at our reviews! 


Thank you for your business, we appreciate you. 

- Pikes Peak Auto Detail 

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